Every year thousands of men and women achieve great success with abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck.” A flatter, trimmer abdomen can make you more comfortable with yourself and confident with others. Individuals in relatively good shape with some excess fat or weak abdominal muscles often are the best candidates for this procedure.

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Multiple pregnancies can stretch a woman’s skin and stomach muscles. Older individuals can benefit due to the loss of skin elasticity that occurs with aging. A tummy tuck may be the procedure of choice for these conditions, which often are difficult to control through diet and exercise. Depending on the amount of fat or skin to be removed, a tummy tuck can often be performed simultaneously with liposuction surgery.

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The Tummy Tuck Procedure

The procedure generally is performed in two to five hours in a hospital or outpatient surgical facility. Most patients are given general anesthesia although some physicians prefer intravenous sedation. Typically, during the tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Schusterman separate the skin from the abdominal wall, tightens the abdominal muscles by pulling them closer together and sutures them into a new position. The skin is stretched down and additional skin may be removed.

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After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Pain medication is taken for the first few days. Some patients return home the day of surgery, while others may stay overnight. Most patients miss five to seven days of work. After your tummy tuck surgery, we suggest you allow six weeks before resuming exercise, heavy lifting or strenuous activities. Scarring will fade considerably over time. Short of considerable weight gain or pregnancy, results from a tummy tuck can last indefinitely.

Of course, as with any major medical procedure, there are certain risks associated with a tummy tuck, which should be discussed with a qualified physician.

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