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Stretching of muscles and stretch marks are no doubt the two main reasons both men and women consider tummy tuck liposuction. However in addition to this, there are ten other reasons for one to consider a tummy tuck.

1. While diet and exercise helps tone muscles, they don’t have any effect on the unattractive loose abdominal skin. However, with an abdominoplasty, the skin from the rib cage to pubic bone is tightened to help reshape abdominal walls into a flatter and smoother surface.

2. Pregnancy and obesity lead to stretch marks which can be removed using a tummy tuck surgery. Even Caesarian section marks can be eliminated to improve ones‚ overall appearance with a tummy tuck.

3. Some women opt for tummy tuck procedures because they can’t  wear or feel uncomfortable wearing bikinis and scanty underwear because of loose and flabby skin. Though one or two scars may be seen after a surgery most people prefer this to a protruding mid section.

4. Any scars incurred from past stomach operations like a hernia operation or stomach stapling can be removed and revised to give smooth looking skin with a tummy tuck liposuction.

5. Those who undergo an abdominoplasty experience an increase in self esteem and confidence because of a flatter abdomen. You obviously feel good if you look and feel great.

6. Today, the society praises flat and smooth stomachs as it gives an appearance of a more proportionate and balanced figure. This is another reason for some people to undergo a tummy tuck.

7. Some people opt for a this procedure to get the youthful appearance they once had in their youth with a flat, toned and smooth stomach.

8. The next reason is a cosmetic one where the patient undergoes a tummy tuck surgery to get rid of all their shapeless clothes and instead, wear more fitted clothing that compliments their figure and not hide it.

9. Looking sexy is another reason for a having a surgery as a flat and smooth abdomen looks sexier when draped with sexy garments and when uncovered.

10. The tenth and last reason for having a tummy tuck is that a flat stomach shows other people how you take care of yourself physically and psychologically. It can be said that a flat stomach is a mirror of your health and attitude to the world.

With so many reasons for a person to undergo tummy tuck surgery, it is no wonder that there today is an increase in the demand and need for procedures.


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