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If you have thin lips, and think they are not sexy, don’t worry, there is help in cosmetic surgery Houston for you. With the help of lip augmentation, your doctor can easily make your lips look more conspicuous than it is.

With lip augmentation, your lips look fuller and your face looks more appealing than it really is. Even if you have wrinkles on top of your lips because of the aging process, you can use lip augmentation, along with other procedures like face lifts, chin implants and cheek implants to look years younger.

As it is generally thought, lip augmentation is not only meant for women; men too can have lip augmentation for sexier lips and a younger look. It is with the help of fillers, fat transfer or implants that lip augmentation takes place. Correspondingly, the cost of the procedure depends on the procedure and material you choose for your lip augmentation.

Using fillers

The market offers a range of fillers that can be used for lip augmentation. However of the lot, the most common ones used are collagen and Restylane. The duration of the effects of these fillers depend on the person and the amount of lip augmentation required. However before injecting these fillers, the doctor has to ensure that the patient is not sensitive to it by administering a test dose.

Using lip implants

Lip implants produce longer lasting effects because a small tube-like lip implant is used for lip augmentation Houston. The implant is filled with synthetic material after which some incisions are made through which a small needle is used to insert the implants.

Using fat transfer

Fat transfer is one of the revolutionary techniques of lip augmentation. Here one’s own body fat is removed from areas like the tummy, thigh and arms and transplanted to the lip region. The advantage of this procedure is that there is a reduced possibility of any reaction taking place as your own body fat is used in the fat transfer.

It is based on your lips, the cost and your body sensitivity that you and your doctor will be able to decide on the beset method to use for your lip augmentation.
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