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If you have wrinkles, and are looking for an effective wrinkle removal option, Radiesse is a wrinkle filler well worth considering. Basically, Radiesse is a cosmetic injectable filler that once injected into your skin; helps add volume to all those deep creases and lines on your face. It is a calcium hydroxypatite microsphere based gel that is suspended in polysaccharide gel.

Though there are other similar injectable wrinkle fillers in the market, here are some advantages to using Radiesse for wrinkle reduction.

1. First and foremost, a Houston Radiesse treatment lasts for two to three years. This is unlike other wrinkle fillers which require a follow-up session within 6 months to a year of its application.

2. Radiesse not only removes wrinkles. It also helps in recontouring and lifting your cheeks, helps smoothen your jawline, lifts your brow and effectively straightens your nose. This is unlike other fillers that only help reduce your lines.

All it takes is fifteen minutes for a Radiesse treatment, and is performed as an in-office procedure. This gives added value to your time and money. While results are instantaneous in most patients, depending on the condition of your skin, some people may have to undergo additional treatments to get maximum results.

3. It is possible for people of all skin types to use Radiesse to remove wrinkles. However those with extreme wrinkles and other similar problems may not experience the best results.

4. As Radiesse is a non-surgical wrinkle reduction option, there is no need of worrying about any piercing of needles or of getting any anesthesia. There is no worry of suffering from any long term side effects after your Radiesse treatment as there aren’t any.

This is because unlike other fillers, Radiesse is not absorbed into your skin. It is only the wrinkles that get filled as required. This is also why Radiesse results are immediate, and last a longer time.

Unlike other treatment options, Radiesse is so safe to use on any skin type that there is no need of undergoing any pre-treatment qualification screening before you get treated. You just have to make an appointment and look years younger after your Radiesse treatment!
Bella Rosa Clinic a Houston Med Spa offers Radiesse Wrinkle Treatment that will help you to smooths folds, wrinkles and lines on your Skin. For more details about Radiesse Wrinkle Treatment in Houston call Bella Rosa today at 713-383-ROSA (7672) or email us via our contact page.

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