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Breast lift surgery is a common cosmetic surgery procedure which women use to ‘lift’ their breasts. It is usually used to lift sagging breasts; however there are some other reasons for a woman to consider and need having a breast lift surgery.

After pregnancy and nursing, a woman undergoes lots of fluctuation in weight. This in turn leads to small and sagging breasts. Most women are unhappy with this weight fluctuation and sagging breasts, and turn to breast lift surgery to rectify the condition. However it is better to consider undergo mastopexy only after a woman is certain she will not be having any more children.

If not, there is a chance of the breasts once again sagging after recurrent pregnancies and nursing. Consequently, this does not mean that one should refrain from nursing to avoid sagging breasts and breast lift surgery as nursing is very much essential to the new born.

Mastopexy only if you can maintain weight

Another reason for mastopexy is excessive weight loss at this part of the body. Once you lose weight, you lose shape and elasticity in your breasts. Once you lose as much weight as you want, and have managed to maintain this weight for some time, and are unhappy with the condition of your breasts you could consider breast lift surgery. However this should be done only if you can maintain a healthy weight as repeated weight loss and weight gain will once again lead to sagging breasts.

Women undergoing reduction mammoplasty for cosmetic or medical reasons usually simultaneously undergo a breast lift surgery too. This is because there will be lots of sagging and extra skin remaining after reduction mammoplasty. However your doctor will make the final decision whether you really have to undergo both procedures or not.

The last reason for a woman to undergo mastopexy is after undergoing an augmentation to improve the looks of their breast region. Sometimes, men suffering from gynecomastia who had undergone reduction mammoplasty too may undergo breast lift surgery to get rid of all the extra skin of reduction mammoplasty.

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