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When compared to the other tattoo removal methods available and used in the market today, laser tattoo removal in Houston is the best method available.

5 Laser Tattoo Removal Facts You Can’t Ignore

There are lots of myths and apprehensions surrounding laser tattoo removal that makes people apprehensive about undergoing it, this post works at eliminating myths, and shedding light on laser tattoo removal facts.

Myth #1: It’s Easier to Remove Old Tattoos

Fact: This is true as the ink in old tattoos tend to fade with time, and thus responds better to laser treatments, when compared to removing new tattoos with fresh ink.

Myth #2: It’s Easier to Remove Amateur Tattoos

Fact: This is also true as amateur work is usually done at incorrect depths into the skin. This is what makes it easier to remove these tattoos using laser than professional tattoos.

Myth #3: It’s More Difficult to Remove Colored Tattoos Than Primary Black Tattoos

Fact: This is true as different tattoo colors respond differently to laser treatments. So tattoos with full colors require more treatments for its removal than a black ink tattoo.

Myth #4: Multiple Treatment Sessions Are Required to Remove a Tattoo

Fact: Don’t expect your tattoo to get removed within one session of laser tattoo removal. You will need anywhere between six to 18 laser tattoo treatment sessions to eliminate tattoos using lasers. The number of sessions you require depend on the size, colors used and how old your tattoo is.

Myth #5: There Should Be a Gap of Six to Eight Weeks Between Laser Removal Sessions

Fact: This is true as it is necessary to maintain a gap in between sessions so that the body gets sufficient time to heal itself and respond well to the laser removal treatments.

So here is a rundown of the myths and facts of laser tattoo removal that will remove any apprehensions and doubts you have about laser tattoo removal.

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