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If you have lots of facial and body hair, and are fed up of waxing and shaving it, you could consider a permanent solution to your woes in laser hair removal. If you are a bit apprehensive about laser hair removal, but are interested in having it, here are a few facts worth knowing about the process.

Though laser hair removal is most effective on people with black hair and pale skin, there are now advanced laser systems that can treat various skin types. So you have to know your skin type, and the type of laser that will work best for you.

Its better to stay away from the sun, and lose your tan during your laser hair removal treatment for better results.

While it is good to look at before and after pictures of old customers, its always better to ask for real evidence. As laser hair removal is a permanent procedure, you have to find out how long ago these people were treated else you end up looking at short term results.

Its always better to visit a few laser clinics before making your final choice as some of them may have only one type of laser machine and may not suit your hair and skin type. So look for a laser clinic with the best laser hair removal equipment and one with well trained and competent staff.

Always ask for a spot test to ascertain you receive treatment from the best laser and settings for optimum results. Spot tests also assure you don’t end up wasting time and money and undergoing unnecessary pain because of wrong laser settings.

Make sure you know how much your laser hair removal treatment will cost you. This is because laser hair removal is not done overnight; it requires multiple treatment sessions to get rid of your body and facial hair.

As different laser clinics have different costing methods, its difficult for you to compare costs unless you receive an estimate for your laser hair removal. With this estimate, you will be able to budget out your expenses and decide if you can actually afford laser hair removal.

With the help of these facts and information, you will be able to make a better and wiser choice at having your unwanted hair removed using laser hair removal.

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