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Though tattoos were once considered permanent, laser tattoo removal provides methods to remove tattoos you no longer want. Laser beams of different wavelengths are used in laser tattoo removal to neutralize the ink that is inserted to the skin. Though a relatively easy procedure, there are various myths and facts worth knowing about the procedure.

Myth no. 1:

Laser tattoo removal is a very painful procedure.


This is not true as it is not extremely painful, only a bit painful. There is not much pain when the laser beams touch the skin. At the most, you will experience some burning and tingling sensation.

If required, your Houston cosmetic surgeon may apply some numbing creams or coolers before surgery to eliminate discomfort. However it should be known that tattoos located on muscles can be more painful to remove than those on fatty tissue layers.

Myth no. 2:

Be prepared for extensive downtime after laser tattoo removal.


This is not true as downtime after laser tattoo removal session is less than five days. At the most, there will be some skin irritation, minor swelling and redness. The extent of this discomfort however depends on each individual patient.

Myth no. 3:

You can expect scars after laser tattoo removal.


This is not true as unlike other surgical methods used for removing scars like skin grafting, lasers do not leave any scars today. Lasers used to leave scars in the past as the laser beam wavelength was not suited for the skin. Today’s technology however is perfect and leaves no scars.

Myth no. 4:

One session is sufficient to remove a tattoo.


This isn’t true as several sessions are needed for complete tattoo removal. While one session fades the ink, it is only after a few sessions will the tattoo get removed. The number of sessions required is based on the size of the tattoo, and its colors. Black tattoos are faster and easier to remove than colored tattoos.

Myth no. 5:

Laser tattoo removal is an expensive procedure.


This is not exactly true as its cost depends on different factors like the tattoo size, the type of ink used, the colors in the tattoo, the patient’s age and the tattoo location. However if you compare the cost of laser tattoo removal to surgical removal of the tattoo, it is definitely much cheaper and lower.

Now that you know the truth about the most common and popular myths doing its rounds on laser tattoo removal, you can discuss the surgery with your Houston cosmetic surgeon and clear anymore doubts you may have before you consider undergoing it.


The cosmetic surgeons in Houston are expert in laser tattoo removal Houston. Using the best laser treatment options available, Houston cosmetic surgeons can treat and remove your tattoo while providing customer satisfaction and desired results.

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