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Breast reconstruction surgery is not only meant for women, but also men who need some breast tissue reconstruction help. Consequently, there are various reasons for a person to undergo a breast reconstruction surgery, which includes correcting the person’s physical appearance and improved self-esteem levels.

If this is a necessary surgical procedure, its costs are even covered by insurance. There are various reasons for a person to consider, and undergo breast reconstruction.

1. Reconstructing Lost Breast Tissue

As breast cancer is a leading cause for the loss of one or two breasts in women and even men, the only way to treat such cancer is by removing the dead tissues. This involves removing the entire breast surface which may not be a big issue for men.

However in case of women, it can be a demoralizing experience wherein they need to replace their lost breast or breasts. In such cases, a breast reconstruction surgery helps repair the muscles and skin tissues by getting a skin graft from the patient’s body or donor. If required, prosthetic implants may be used to complete the surgery.

2. Repairing Saggy Breasts

Though breast lifts can repair most cases of saggy breasts, some patients require breast augmentation to get their breasts initial appearance. Breasts sag because of age, pregnancy and frequent variations in weight. The lost elasticity in the sagging skin can be reconstructed after which an implant is added.

3. Nipple and Areola Reconstruction

In case of patients that only require reconstruction of their nipples or areola, the breast reconstruction surgery is their best option. Nipples and the areola are reconstructed by grafting some skin from another part of the patient’s body or from a different person willing to donate a skin graft.

4. Improved Self Esteem Levels

It can be devastating for a woman to lose one or both of her breasts to cancer or some accident. However in such situations, it is a breast reconstruction surgery that helps and thus improves the self-esteem levels of such patients.

The surgeon carefully reconstructs the breasts to ensure they look symmetrical after which the patient does not see any different in their breasts before the accident or cancer and with the newly reconstructed breasts.

5. Insurance Coverage

Many people undergo breast reconstruction as it has insurance coverage where either all or a high percentage of the costs are covered by the insurance provider. However to make a claim, the patient should furnish proof that the Houston breast augmentation was necessary and that the breast problems had raised because of a disease or accident.

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