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So you want to have big boobs and you have lots of emotions swirling in your head. You feel anxious, worried, stressed out and fearful about having your breasts surgically enlarged. Before you actually say ‘yes’ about having your breasts surgically enlarged, there are some things you should consider before going under the knife.

1. Anesthesia: This is no laughing matter as you may die while under anesthesia. This is of course rare, but can happen even by competent and board certified surgeons. So take some time to think if you really want to undergo surgery or not.

2. Be ready for pain: Don’t think that you won’t experience any pain after the surgery is over. You will feel intense pain and numbness after the breast enlargement surgery, that may last for days or even weeks. However you cannot say how your body will react to the pain; you just have to play it tough and be ready for the pain.

3. Be ready for peoples’ judgments: Remember that people will not know why you had decided to go under the knife. They will thus be some people out there who opt to judge you more harshly than others. The road to recovery after a breast enlargement surgery is not easy, so be ready for it.

4. Implants are similar to cars: This means that just like cars or bikes for that matter, Houston breast implants do not last forever too. At times, your implants will break and leak, and will need a replacement.

The implants may however last for years in some people, and for only a few months or weeks in others. The cost of your implants is not important as implants will eventually break, no matter how expensive or cheap they are. This means you may need to be ready to go under the knife to face the risks of surgery once again, if the implants rupture.

5. Expensive: Breast enlargement is an expensive procedure where you will have to spend thousands of dollars only for the initial operation. Moreover, if the surgeon fumbles during the first operation, you may have to undergo another surgery, which means additional expenses.

So if you are considering a breast enlargement surgery, you need to not only discuss the procedure, risks and recovery care and conditions of the surgery with your surgeon, you also have to consider these conditions to finally decide if you should undergo the surgery or not.

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