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With the help of Houston breast reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty, the surgeon removes glandular tissue and excess fat and skin from breasts to reshape and reduce the patient’s breast size.

This Houston breast augmentation surgery is usually done to provide relief to neck, shoulder and back regions because of large breasts. It also lets patients comfortably exercise and participate in sports and other activities and to regain self confidence by being able to wear better fitting clothes.

Though breast reduction is mainly performed for medical reasons, there are some myths associated with the surgery, mentioned below.

Myth 1: It is possible to reduce breast size with weight loss.

Unlike advertisement claims, no weight loss program or exercise will reduce breast size. At the most, weight loss may make you look slimmer but not actually decrease breast size.

Myth 2: You will not have any scars with plastic surgery

Unless you opt for liposuction, there will be some scarring. However its extent depends on the amount of tissue and skin removed.

Myth 3: It is not possible to breastfeed after breast reduction.

It is possible to feed your baby after breast reduction. If you find it difficult to release milk from the reconstructed nipple, your surgeon will provide you with a lactation aid to tackle the problem.

Myth 4: Reduction surgery can be performed by any physician.

It is important that you do the right research on the training, certification and experience of the plastic surgeon Houston you choose for breast reduction as not all doctors who claim to be able to do this plastic surgery are actually plastic surgeons.

Myth 5: You get no insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery.

Insurance companies don’t usually provide coverage for plastic surgery. However as breast reduction is usually performed for medical reasons, most companies do provide breast reduction procedures. The amount of coverage the company pays is determined by the overall costs of your breast reduction surgery.

Myth 6: It is possible to relieve post-surgical itching using only allergy medications.

Doctors usually prescribe topical steroids and perhaps Benadryl cream to provide relief from post surgical itching as antihistamines are in no way effective in providing relief from these incisions.

Now that these common myths about breast reduction are dispelled, you can comfortably undergo breast reduction for relief from your nagging neck and shoulder pain.

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