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A mommy makeover is a very famous cosmetic procedure as its combination of a tummy tuck Houston; liposuction in Houston and breast augmentation Houston helps women with post-pregnancy bodies regain their pre-pregnancy beauty.

However there are lots of myths about the procedure, making it difficult for women to make an informed decision about undergoing the procedure. So here are 6 of the common mommy makeover Houston myths dispelled.

1. Only for Moms

It is true that most of the women who opt for a mommy makeover are mothers of many children. However this does not imply that the procedure is meant only for mummies. It’s modern cosmetic techniques help rejuvenate the breasts and abdomen of women between 30 and 50 years of age with the same transformative effects, no matter if they had a child or not.

2. Extensive Scarring

This is not true as modern plastic surgery techniques has successfully worked at minimizing incisions and reducing the reliability of scars or completely covering them. Thus breast incisions are concealed under the breast and tummy tuck incisions are located very low on the abdomen so that they are covered with clothing and most swimsuits.
Moreover liposuction scars are rather small and fade out with time; so any experienced plastic surgeon will be able to easily re-sculpt your body so that it is the eye of everyone surrounding you.

3. All three procedures need to be done

The biggest myth about mommy makeovers is that it is necessary to perform all its three component elements, a liposuction, tummy tuck or a breast surgery. However this is not at all true as it is possible for your doctor to specifically tailor your mommy makeover so that it meets your individual needs.

While a mommy makeover generally corrects sagging breasts with breast surgery and liposuction and restores pre-pregnancy stomach contours and removes excess skin through a tummy tuck, it can involve as many cosmetic procedures as you like. You and your doctor make the final choice.

4. Painful Recovery Period

It is challenging recovering from any medical procedure. However the benefit of a mommy makeover is that your recovery time is reduced considerably as your surgeon simultaneously performs various cosmetic surgery procedures instead of diving it into various surgeries.

5. A Fancy Name for a Tummy Tuck

The mommy makeover is not at all a fancy word for a tummy tuck; it is more than a tummy tuck as it contains both an abdominoplasty with a breast augmentation and liposuction as required.

6. You don’t need a mommy makeover if you diet and exercise

It is true that adopting healthy eating habits and hitting the gym help you reduce weight. However it does not restore your skin’s youthful tautness or help perk up deflated breasts. You need some surgical intervention to eliminate excessive stretched skin and for restoring the body’s aesthetic appeal.

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