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When a woman opts to have breast augmentation in Houston, it can be because of various reasons. Some of them need to improve the size of their breasts, and some of them need implants to replace the tissue lost to breast cancer through a mastectomy. So here is a list of the various reasons women give, and have for a breast augmentation.

1. Mastectomy

Women who lose their breast because of cancer often choose to undergo its augmentation to replace these lost breasts. This in turn will help them feel whole once again, and confident to face the world.

2. Breasts differing in size

Practically every woman’s breasts are unequal in shape or size. However, in some women, the difference is much more prominent than in others. Such women feel self-conscious of this, especially in a bikini. Thus they turn to breast enlargement to ensure a balanced look. The problem is usually solved just by increasing the size of one.

3. Sagging breasts

In case of women with sagging breasts, some Houston plastic surgeons advise a breast lift to rectify the problem and supplement its augmentation. This not only fixes its sagging, but also helps increase the cup size.

4. Small breasts

Some women undergo breast enlargement to increase its size. Based on different factors, the Houston plastic surgeon will decide exactly how much bigger they can and should be.

5. Oddly shaped breasts

Some women have breasts that are irregularly shaped. They may not be round or may look longish. A breast augmentation rectifies the problem and helps reduce excess sagging.

6. Improve breast firmness

After childbirth or extreme weight loss, some women may need breast augmentation to restore its firmness and volume. With a loss of weight, women tend to lose their skin elasticity which in turn makes their breasts sag and lose firmness.

There are various reasons for women undergoing breast implants in Houston. It could be mastectomy, sagging breasts or discontent with the natural size of their breasts. Whatever the reason may be, the surgery helps improve the appearance and self-confidence of the woman.


The Houston cosmetic surgeons at MD Aesthetics Plastic Surgery provide excellent results for women seeking breast augmentation in Houston. A skilled eye and superb sense of aesthetics ensures each patient receives the right breast implants in Houston.

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