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Many people know, and have also used Botox for anti-aging treatment and wrinkle reduction. However not many people know the following strange facts and tidbits about this famous wrinkle reduction injection.

1. Ironically, BOTOX® is the trade name for a difficult to pronounce ‘botulinum’, which is not only toxic but is also the one of the strongest proteins known. Moreover, this protein stems from a bacterium.

2. Though BOTOX® is famous for cosmetic corrections; this is only a part of its benefits. Botox is useful in treating people suffering from muscle spasm and debilitating conditions like a weak bladder. It also effectively eases movement and relieves pain connected with muscle problems.

BOTOX® treatment provides a permanent solution to those suffering from sweating problems because of overactive glands. Injection of BOTOX® to sweat glands blocks the glands, and thus stops excessive perspiration.

3. The illness botulism is contracted from the handling of contaminated food, and not from Botox as commonly thought. Though both are made from the same protein, the means of injecting Botox and its amount is not significant enough to cause the illness. Basically, in BOTOX®, the toxin is purified so that it creates similar effects to botulism, but is not dangerous.

4. Though Botox is safe, pregnant women and those allergic to eggs should not undergo BOTOX® treatment as it is risky for them.

5. Only minimal number of patients suffer from BOTOX® side effects like bruising, minor bleeding, nausea, cold, swelling and flu-like symptoms. Moreover, these side effects are temporary, and recede in a few days’ time.

6. Though a few deaths have been attributed with the use of BOTOX®, it is because of its ‘fake’ and not right or true treatment. Many ‘doctors’ use other substances that are not medically approved instead of BOTOX®, and this is what leads to complications, injuries and possible death.

Though anyone with a medical license can buy and give a BOTOX® injection, its better to get your injection from an experienced and skilled person like a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or other specialist. However Botox ‘parties’ are definitely not recommended for your BOTOX® treatment.

The Bella Rosa medical spa in Houston provides Houston botox treatments BOTOX® for forehead lines, frown lines & crow’s feet BOTOX® is designed to eliminate frown lines between the eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes and horizontal lines on the forehead that are caused by contracted muscles.

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