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If you plan to undergo plastic surgery, the success of the surgery is very much dependent on the surgeon you choose for your surgery. It is generally better to choose a well-qualified and skilled surgeon who has a degree of aesthetic talent to help make your cosmetic dreams come true. With so many reputed and qualified surgeons to choose from, it can be difficult choosing the right surgeon for your surgery.

So here are some tips to help with your search.

1. Look for a board-certified doctor as while any doctor can perform plastic surgery, a doctor needs more than a medical degree to get certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To get board-certified, the doctor should complete an additional five years of surgical training after medical school and participate in a surgical residency program where they can watch top plastic surgeons practicing and receive some training too.

2. The best plastic surgeons are those who use the internet, which you should also use while searching for your plastic surgeon. Visit all the websites of the many plastic surgeons in your locality to learn more about your available options.

While at their sites, take a look at their previous patients’ before and after pictures and go through their testimonials. Go through the plastic surgeons’ biographies to find out if they have any specialized training in your interested procedures and what type of patients they usually operate on. A doctor specializing in breast augmentation surgery may not be the best fit for your facelift operation depending on their background.

3. It is necessary that you hold a consultation before your surgical procedure mainly for communication purposes. Make sure you come well prepared with all the questions you have like the surgical technique to be used, the type of anaesthesia you will receive, the steps of surgery and any side effects and risks.

Don’t hesitate to clearly tell your doctor what you want to achieve through the surgery and in reply, your doctor should give a realistic prediction of your surgical results.

4. So never choose plastic surgeons who don’t give you answers, no matter if it is a world-famous surgeon. Your surgeon should always be clear with all details of the surgery.

5. It’s okay taking recommendations from friends as if you hear about a surgery well done by the plastic surgeon, the surgeon is worth a consultation.

6. Don’t hold a consultation with only the plastic surgeon but also with the accompanying staff. The surgeon’s office reflects his practice so communicate with their receptionist, anaesthesiologist and even check the facility’s outpatient space.

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