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There has been an increased demand for laser tattoo removal services over the past few years as more and more people regret their tattoos and want to have them removed. People resort to laser tattoo removal Houston for various reasons like better job prospects, stringent rules for joining the military or just because of a change in lovers.

Of the many tattoo removal methods available, laser tattoo removal Houston gives the best results with minimal pain and scarring. Once you get a tattoo, its ink particles remain in the skin as they are too big to get removed by your tissue.

The short and powerful pulses of light that the laser emits breaks the ink pigment into tiny particles to make it easily removable by the body’s immune system over weeks and months after laser treatment.

Factors that decide the number of treatments

It is based on the type of ink that was used, how deep the ink was injected and the tattoo location that the number of laser treatments required to remove unwanted tattoos is determined. Moreover, professional tattoos are more difficult to remove than ‘street’ tattoos as these tattoos use better quality ink and tattoo equipment to ensure minimal fading of the tattoo.

In fact, the ink color is an important factor for determining the number of laser tattoo removal Houston treatments you require for removing tattoos. While black and blue tattoos are the most easily to remove, green and yellow tattoos are the most difficult.

On an average, a laser tattoo removal process requires anywhere between 4 to 12 laser treatment sessions, over 5 weeks apart. As the treatment can be painful, the laser technician will recommend and apply a topical anesthetic or numbing cream to reduce the skin’s sensitivity to laser pulses before starting the laser tattoo removal Houston process.


As hair follicles are destroyed through laser tattoo removal Houston, if you are having your tattoo removed from a region where there is wanted hair growth, it is advisable to manually extract all follicles before the treatment.

It is natural for your laser technician to ask questions about your medical history and your current prescribed medications before your laser tattoo removal Houston procedure. This is because exposure to laser treatment can be dangerous for some medications and medical conditions.

Be ready for some redness, bruising, pinpoint bleeding, blistering and scabbing in the treated region. It is also normal for the treated region to feel warm for a few hours after the treatment. It is advisable to avoid the sun and tanning beds for some time after your laser tattoo removal Houston process.

And don’t forget to keep the treated region clean, and to apply an ice pack on it for an hour or so for some relief from the laser tattoo removal Houston procedure.

For more information on this Houston medical spa treatment, feel free to contact us for an individual consultation.

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