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A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is cosmetic surgery performed to remove abdominal fat. Based on the amount of fat to be removed, tummy tucks are divided into mini or low tummy tucks and complete tummy tucks.

The difference between the two is that two incisions are made in a complete tummy tuck while only one is sufficient for a mini one. The first incision in a complete tummy tuck is a straight cut across the hip region while the second incision is a circular one around the navel.

This second incision is used for removing extra fat and skin from the abdominal region while tightening involved muscles. In case of a mini abdominoplasty, only one horizontal incision is done below the navel. As there is no need of doing any navel repositioning here, a second incision is not required.

Tummy tuck scars are permanent

Tummy tuck scars are however intermittent in both forms of abdominoplasty. While the scar is less evident in a mini tummy tuck, it is very extensive in a complete procedure. Tummy tucks are however permanent, which worsen during the first 3-6 months after surgery. However after 8-12 months, the scars tend to flatten and lighten in color.

Sometimes, liposuction will also be required with abdominoplasty to remove abdominal fat. In such cases, there will also be scars left behind from liposuction. Like in any other surgical procedure, there are always the complications and risks associated with abdominoplasty like infection, bleeding and anesthesia complications. Infections can lead to bruising and swelling that may last for a few weeks or months and develop bigger scars.

How to hide the well deserved scars

It is possible to limit the chances of complications arising by following doctor’s instructions and wearing compression clothing and thus prevent the worsening of scars. Tummy tuck scars can also be easily hidden by wearing specially made bikinis or use an interesting tattoo to cover the scar.

There are also some recently introduced creams and lotions that help hide tummy tuck scars. As permanent tattoos are not suggested for covering scars in the initial few months after abdominoplasty, you could wear temporary tattoos instead. As usual, it’s better to first consult your doctor before you consider doing anything to conceal these scars.

Despite the presence of this permanent tummy tuck scars; abdominoplasty is still a very popular cosmetic surgery. This is because its long term benefits and your improved physical appearance make it worth enduring these scars.

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