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Many people have been fighting a never-ending battle with acne. Creams, ointments and lifestyle changes don’t give much of a benefit in treating acne. In such cases, acne laser treatment seems a better and more effective treatment option.

Types of Acne Laser Treatments

There are 5 various types of acne laser treatments you can use to treat your acne problem.

1. There is a laser that uses blue color light that kills the bacteria that causes acne. It, however, does not cause any damage to the skin in the process.

2. Lasers with pulsed heat treat your acne problem by targeting the bacteria found in sebaceous glands.

3. The ALA light therapy helps in treating and fighting acne in two ways. First, a compound is applied to the acne. Then the laser light is used to shrink the glands, and in the process, kills the bacteria that causes acne breakouts.

4. PDT is a form of acne laser treatment that uses different chemicals to kill bacteria.

5. Photothermolysis is a new form of acne laser treatment that uses different lasers for promoting minor skin injuries. This, in turn, helps in repairing the skin back up and thus, is effective in acne cyst laser treatment.

All of these types of acne laser treatments are effective in treating even chronic acne problems. These acne laser treatments offer little or no pain during the ten to fifteen minutes of treatment.

So effective is acne laser treatments that you see lots of improvements and results within a month of your treatment. Some people also find improvements within a few short sessions of acne laser treatment.

Some side effects

Acne laser treatment is very effective in reducing inflammation, killing bacteria and in reducing the skin oil content. However, these acne laser treatments have few side effects like redness and dryness of skin and swelling of skin areas. Sometimes, there may also be some redness of skin and minor discomfort and pain associated with some forms of acne laser treatments.

This discomfort can, however, be prevented by first applying a topical to the skin. Though there may be some swelling and initial redness immediately after the treatment, this topical helps reduce it.

So it can be seen that though there may be some discomfort and pain associated with an acne laser treatment, its benefits greatly outweigh them.

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