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Acne is a skin problem that affects both teenagers and adults. There are various causes for acne that includes stress, hormonal changes and the wrong diet. Similarly, there are also various treatment options to choose from for treating your acne problem that ranges from over the counter creams and tablets to acne laser treatment.

Today, though acne laser treatment is a rather expensive method of treating acne when compared to other treatment options, it is increasing in popularity amongst victims of acne. This is because acne laser treatment is a modern and scientific method of getting rid of acne that gives excellent results. Read on to find out how.

How it works

First, the skin to be treated is cleaned, and some anesthetic cream is applied to numb its surface. Then, the computer controlled laser beam is used to apply heat on the acne skin. This heat helps remove the glands that cause acne.

Moreover, the laser helps remove all the scars and spots that an acne infection creates. As acne laser treatments are contact free, they are very safe and secure. Moreover, the procedure is so simple; it does not take much time.


Based on the procedure and requirements, an acne laser treatment costs anything between $250 to $3000. The actual cost depends on the procedure to be used, and the severity of the acne attack. Basically, a laser treatment process lasts for less than an hour.

After effects

As the procedure is completely safe, there is practically no discomfort after the treatment. It may however take a week or two for the treated region to heal completely. It is only in rare cases that a few bruises may arise, which however disappears within a few weeks’ time.

So considering all these factors, and the fact that acne laser treatment produces better results than other acne treatment options, it’s no wonder it has increased in popularity in the market today. Visit our Houston Med Spa today for a consultation.

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