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Laser hair removal is today a popular means of getting rid of hair. It replaces traditional hair removal methods like waxing and shaving. However as it may not be suitable for everyone, here are some things that have to be considered before you decide to undergo laser hair removal.

Your hair skin and color affects the results of laser hair removal as the laser used here is programmed to destroy darker pigments. So if you have dark skin and light hair, there is a chance of your suffering from burning and scarring.

Your skin type also has an affect on laser hair removal. There are basically four types of human skin; Eastern Asian, African, Caucasian and Middle Eastern.

1. People with Eastern Asian skin don’t have that much of undesirable hair; any hair to be removed can be easily done through laser treatment as they have dark hair and lighter skin.
2. People with Middle Eastern skin have various skin tones where the success of laser hair removal depends on your skin and hair color. Some people even go to the extent of getting hydroquinone to make their skin lighter, to facilitate laser treatment.
3. As Africans have the darkest skin, they are the least favorable candidates for laser treatment. Their dark skin tends to draw the laser to the skin and not the hair, and may lead to burning. This is why many technicians are also hesitant about performing laser hair removal on those with darker skin tones.
4. People with European or Caucasian skin tones are the best candidates for laser treatment as they usually have very light skin tones. This lets the laser concentrate on body hair that is darker than the skin.

Hair color also has its effects on laser hair removal. Sometimes you may have the right skin type and color, but shouldn’t undergo laser therapy because of your hair color. Those with blonde, reddish, gray or white hair should not have laser therapy as their hair color is either too light, or in case of red and blonde hair, the phemelianin in the hair may prevent laser hair removal from working.

With so much depending on your hair and skin color, your Houston medical spa doctor will be the best person to approach to find out if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal.

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