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Restylane Lyft® and Restylane Silk®

Restylane is an injectable dermal filler that provides facial rejuvenation and beauty enhancement for a natural and more youthful appearance. Both fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body and helps provide skin with fullness and elasticity. Over time, the skin loses hyaluronic acid, resulting in wrinkles and folds.

closeup of woman's face after BOTOX


Restylane is used to treat wrinkles in the nasolabial folds, lower eyelids, cheeks, chin, and in the lip. Restylane is injected into the area(s) to be filled and re-volumized. Depending on the area of injection and specific volume loss, multiple syringes may be needed to achieve the desired effect.


  • Neither Restylane contain animal proteins, meaning there is little risk of allergic reaction
  • Results are immediately noticeable (within 1 to 2 days)
  • Results last 6 months to one year in most patients

Restylane treatments take approximately 30-45 minutes. Most patients experience minimal side effects and are able to immediately resume normal activities. Restylane is pre-mixed with lidocaine (a local anesthetic) to ensure patient comfort both during and after treatment.

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