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Also known as Brazilian butt lift, Brazilian butt augmentation is a surgical non-medical procedure used to tune women’s butts into sexy shapes. This is done by taking fats from the abdominal areas, purified and then injected to specific areas on the buttocks in a procedure called liposuction. In comparison to other methods of enhancing women’s butts, the Brazilian butt lift in Houston has some advantages. Let us discuss some of these advantages.

(a) It uses the person’s fat as filler. This procedure uses the person’s fats as filler material. These fats are reabsorbed into the system thus lowering the risks of allergic reactions like in cases where other filler materials are used.

(b) Reduces fats on the abdominal area. This procedure does not only enhance the butts shape but also leads to that perfect physique. This is because the procedure removes all the excess fats on the abdominal area including love handles.

(c) It is less invasive compared to using butt implants. Brazilian butt augmentation is less invasive in comparison to the use of butt implants. The injected areas are not visible after injection and so is the case in the abdominal areas where the fats were removed.

(d) It is effective. This procedure is very effective in achieving that perfect round sexy butt. It has proved to be among the most effective surgical procedures for a great butt.

The Brazilian butt lift is among the best butt augmentation procedures. With implants, there are chances of increasing the overall size of the patient but this procedure generally increases butt size and reduces the waistline for that perfect body shape. Unlike other procedures, it does not use any implants but only uses the person’s abdominal fats. So, the next time you are planning to get a butt augmentation, go for Brazilian butt augmentation. With this, you will be sure of getting your desired results.

Disclaimer: *Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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