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Surviving breast cancer is something to be proud of, and thousands have endured and made it through. However, once you’ve survived cancer, you still have difficult decisions about your body. Part of the treatment to eradicate cancer may require the breasts to be removed. While it is necessary to prevent cancer from spreading, it can take an emotional toll on you.

Cosmetic Surgery To The Rescue

While cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, it offers the opportunity of reconstructing the breasts and giving you a sense of completion and well-roundedness. Breast reconstruction in Houston can be beneficial to those who have lost a part of their body due to cancer.

There are two primary options when it comes to breast reconstruction procedures in Houston. The first option is an implant, where a silicone implant is placed inside the chest area to give the shape of traditional breasts. The other version is autologous tissue reconstruction. With this process, tissue is taken from other body parts, such as the stomach and booty to create the breasts. It is then implanted into the chest area. Both options are excellent and sometimes the surgeon you choose will do a variation of both procedures.


The advantages of such a procedure are many. For one thing, you’ll feel more like a woman again because you’ve got breasts once more. While they may not be natural or real, they will still give the traditional shape that you need. Most women feel that this is a personal decision. You don’t need breasts to be a woman, but most women don’t feel whole without them.

Of course, you should talk with your doctor and potential surgeon about the risks involved and whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure.

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