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A Houston breast reduction has multiple benefits that vary from reducing back pain to being more comfortable during exercise. While some women choose to get breast implants to make their breasts bigger, others would rather reduce their size to better match their frame. Just like any other surgery it is something a woman needs to think about and decide on her own so that she is satisfied with the results.

One of the top reasons a woman chooses breast reduction surgery is because it is causing them chronic neck and back pain. The excess weight on their chest is causing stress in their body. One major perk at getting breast reduction surgery for this reason is because some health insurance plans cover it due to the health benefits. Women that are suffering from chronic back pain can speak with their plastic surgeon and health insurance representative to see if the procedure will be covered.

For some, reducing the size of their breasts can improve their appearance. A breast reduction can create body contours that are better proportioned to the woman’s body. It can also correct asymmetry and provide a woman with firmer breasts. For a woman that exercise, reducing her breast size can make jogging, running, and playing a sport much more comfortable. Each woman will see different results with surgery. Therefore, it is important to speak with a plastic surgeon to discuss what the surgery can do for you.

Since breasts can pay a large role in how a woman feels about herself, over-sized breasts can hurt one’s self confidence. Reducing their size so a woman feels comfortable in her body and have a positive self-image. To choose what the best size is for a woman’s body, she can speak with a plastic surgeon to discuss her options, as well as the risks that are involved and to go over her medical history and current prescription, vitamin, and smoking habits.

The expertise of the Houston plastic surgeons is accentuated by their concern for their patients and their drive to give them the best experience during their breast reduction surgery. Other plastic surgery procedures their top-rated plastic surgeons offer include Botox injections, laser hair removal, and breast augmentation in Houston.

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