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Acne manifests itself differently in different people. While some people may only have a pimple on their nose, there are some who have to suffer from skin scarring acne that can appear on any part of the body. No matter which type of acne you may suffer from, it damages both your appearance and self esteem.

While it’s possible to treat a simple pimple on the nose using a skin cleanser and perhaps some over the counter cream, its better to consult the services of an acne treatment clinic to treat severe acne cases.

These acne treatment clinics deal exclusively with the treatment and management of moderate to severe acne to the face and body. These clinics not only have the resources you find at a dermatologist’s office, but the latest light therapy equipment too.

All acne treatments under one roof
The advantage of going to an acne treatment clinic instead of a dermatologist’s clinic to treat your acne problem is that the clinic offers nearly all the acne treatment options available in the market. So you needn’t fear or worry about being sent to some other treatment for the ‘best’ acne treatment.

Acne treatment clinics are the best places to go for treating the serious types of acne cases like Rosacea and Acne Vulgaris. Based on your acne problem, you will be advised oral or topical antibiotics, light therapy, cryotherapy and corticosteroid injections for treating your acne problem.

Besides offering you acne treatment, based on your skin type, these acne clinics also teach you an educational course on how to take proper care of your skin. You are also taught which cosmetics you should use, to reap its full potential in beautifying your skin.

What you have to do in the clinic
During your first visit to the acne treatment clinic, you will have to fill out a patient history and insurance form with information about your skin condition and the types of treatments you had tried before coming to the clinic.

Next, an initial examination of your skin is carried out to find out the severity and extent of your acne condition. On diagnosing your acne condition, the doctor will advise a customized acne treatment plan to suit your acne condition.

While you may have to make regular visits to the clinic at the start of the plan, once your acne condition is under control, your visits will be spaced further apart.

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