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Losing weight is great after bariatric surgery. However after extreme weight loss to the tune of 100 pounds or more, you are left with saggy and loose skin making it difficult for you to feel comfortable in your clothes. In fact, your slim frame gets covered with all this sagging skin; this is why many patients consider undergoing body contouring to give shape to their new, slim body.

Body contouring is usually done in stages. Your doctor will first attack the regions that need immediate attention which are usually the abdomen, breasts and buttocks in women.

Body contouring is done by first cutting away all the excess skin and tissue in the body and then pulling the remaining skin tight against the body. Liposuction is not often used here as post-bariatric patients generally suffer from only loose skin that does not have fat pockets.

The number of days you have to stay in the hospital after the surgery depends on your surgeon and your personal desires. Some patients are operated in the morning, and return home the same night.

Then there are some patients who spend more time in the surgery room because more areas are addressed at once. In such cases, these patients have to stay in the hospital for 3-4 days for complete recovery.

Factors to consider before undergoing body contouring
While body contouring helps patients reach their ideal figure after weight loss, there are some factors to consider before undergoing it. Some patients suffer from psychological problems because of extreme weight loss wherein they are not mentally ready for plastic surgery. In some cases, the patient may suffer from protein deficiency and malnutrition after bariatric surgery, and are not advised to undergo body contouring surgery.

If the patient has not completed their weight loss plans, your doctor will call off the surgery. While most patients aim at losing 100 pounds or more after bariatric surgery, if they don’t reach this goal or if they are still obese, your doctor will not suggest surgery. This is why most surgeons wait for a year or more after weight loss before they perform any cosmetic surgery on the patient.

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