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Body lift surgery is not just something for women. After men lose a considerable amount of weight they can find they are left with loose skin that has lost its elasticity from being stretched out. This skin is often found around the abdomen, breasts, thighs, back, and face. The loose skin can be very uncomfortable and make it hard to fit arms through sleeves or get the excess skin to tuck into clothing. Both men and women can benefit from getting a body lift but they may opt to do different surgeries.Men interested in body lift surgery Houston often want a breast reduction included with the numerous types of surgeries a body lift entails. Women frequently want a breast lift and implants with a body lift while men will find excess skin on their chest they want to have removed. The plastic surgeon that is to do the procedure will discuss how a breast reduction works, in addition to any other procedures that are to be done.

Men who have worked hard and have lost weight after bariatric surgery will find that it is hard to find clothes that properly fit their bodies with the excess skin. It can be hard getting into the clothes and the skin makes it uncomfortable walking, sitting, or exercising. Getting a body lift does leave scarring that keeps people from getting the procedure because they have minimal excess skin. Therefore, men who have lost 60 to 350 pounds are better candidates.

Men who are interested in a body lift can speak with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss what surgeries are available to remove excess skin. Men who smoke, have a history of clotting disorders, or have a high BMI may opt to have several short procedures instead of one long one that includes several procedures at once.

The Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform body lift surgery for men and women who want to look as good as they feel after losing weight. Their elective surgery procedures include Houston facelifts, laser hair removal, and their high-in-demand Houston breast implants.

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