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Plastic surgery in Houston ranges from body contouring to weight loss surgery to breast augmentation. Whether it is choosing a mastopexy or breast implants, it can really help boost a woman’s self esteem. With the right surgeon, a woman can get back the body she had when she was young or transform it into an even better one.
Breast augmentation Houston can be done for multiple reasons. If the breasts are different sizes, it can balance them out. Moms that have seen their breasts become smaller after pregnancy can visit a Houston plastic surgeon to get them back to how they were pre-pregnancy. Breast augmentation is also used for body contouring and as a reconstructive technique after breast surgery.

There are two types of implants woman can choose from: Pre-filled and inflatable breast implants. Pre-filled breast implants contain a salt water solution, also known as saline, inside a silicone shell. Inflatable breast implants give women a smaller incision line because it is inserted empty and filled with saline after the implant is inserted. Women can discuss gummy bear implants Houston versus saline implants to see which is a better fit for them. A plastic surgeon has breast photos available for women to see before and after pictures of the different types of procedures and implants.

Breast implants Houston can give women a confidence boost after the surgery is performed. However, there is a lot to discuss with a plastic surgeon before the operation occurs. Honesty is vital when discussing medical history. A surgeon must know what health problems a patient has had in the past, what medications, vitamins, and drugs they are taking, and if they smoke.

When choosing to get a breast augmentation it is recommended to do a lot of research on what exactly the surgery includes, how long until a patient can go back to work, and the experience the plastic surgeon has on this type of surgery. Ask questions, compare before and after photos, and be honest with the surgeon so complications do not arise.


Houston plastic surgeon, Museum District Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, provide safe and effective plastic surgery with a personalized approach to each patient. They offer Makeovers for Moms, laser tattoo removal, obesity surgery, and more for those that want a healthy body.

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