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A breast augmentation or breast lift – which one is right for you? These two options, among others, can help women enhance their bust line. In order to decide which one to get you will need to figure out what issues you want to solve and the outcome you want to have. Knowing what breast augmentations and breast lifts are can make the decision easier.

Understanding Breast Augmentations

A breast augmentation is when you want to increase your breast size by inserting breast implants. Women can choose saline or silicone implants for their breast augmentation surgery. They can speak with their cosmetic surgeon to determine which implant is best for them regarding price and how long they typically last for. Women choose a breast list because they can increase their breast size with scars that are well-hidden.

Understanding Breast Lifts

A breast lift can fix drooping breasts and reposition the nipple for a more natural look. Women are given younger looking breasts that are perkier and firmer. A cosmetic surgeon raises and firms the breast without using implants. Some women get more cleavage but a breast lift will not increase the size of the breast.

Women can choose to get a breast lift with their breast augmentation surgery. They can do this if they want larger breasts but also have a problem with sagging breasts. This is a decision they will need to make on their own. A breast lift with a breast augmentation can make the final results look more natural with the nipple repositioned and firmer breasts but it is a personal decision and is not required when getting breast implants.

If you are still unsure which surgery is right for you, consider speaking with a reputable plastic surgeon to go over your options. However, any decision you make should not be pushed by the surgeon. It is important that you are happy with the decision you make so you are satisfied with your results.

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