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Women undergo breast reconstruction surgery for various reasons. Total mastectomy or partial mastectomy because of breast cancer, accidents, too small or too large breasts, uneven breasts and breasts that need firming up after childbirth are the main reasons for undergoing breast reconstructive surgery.

Though breast reconstruction surgery is very effective in improving a woman’s self esteem by rectifying their breast shape and size, this plastic surgery has its share of pros and cons. So before you consider breast reconstruction, you have to be aware of its pros and cons.

Benefits of breast reconstructive surgery
The greatest benefit offered by breast reconstructive surgery is that it helps boost the self esteem and confidence of a woman. Women with small breasts feel more desirable to the opposite sex once their breasts get enhanced after the surgery. They no longer feel envious of other women, and grow confident enough to compete with any other woman with regards to their breasts.

Breast reconstructive surgery helps reduce the sagging and drooping of breasts and helps correct any difference there may be in breast size. This in turn helps improve the overall appearance of a woman and helps improve their sex appeal.

Some women have breasts that sag so much that they develop back and neck pain because of them. However once this sagging is controlled through breast reconstructive surgery, all these symptoms are relieved.

Potential heath risks
All surgeries have its share of risks, including breast enlargement surgery, especially because of the anesthesia that is administered during the procedure. Some women experience scarring and their breasts get sore and swollen after the operation.

In some cases, there is a chance of an infection settling in, especially if sufficient care is not taken care during the post-operative period. Some women experience changes in their skin and nipple sensation while others develop ripples or creasing on their skin.

Sometimes, the results of the breast reconstruction surgery are not up to mark, wherein the woman may experience unevenness in their breast size or shape.

As you can see, the advantages of breast reconstruction surgery greatly outweigh its disadvantages. It is now left to you to consider these pros and cons of breast reconstruction, and decide if you actually should undergo Houston breast reconstruction.

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