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A breast is that part in a woman that stands for femaleness. It has to be in correct shape and size to suit one’s height to give an attractive look. It not only gives an elegant look but it also boosts your self confidence. There are several phases that woman passes through like a puberty and a wedding resulting in hormone change or a pregnancy, delivery and nursing resulting in a physical change. All this contributes continuously for the change of size, shape and firmness of the breast.

To get back to shape in case of a sagging breast, makeover with the help of plastic surgery in Houston can be a right choice. This particular procedure of plastic surgery is called breast augmentation or breast implant. To know more, there are two types of breast implants done currently. Implant made of silicone and the other with saline. Both of these are deemed to be risk free, but silicone seems to take an upper hand with respect to the natural look and feel it gives.

The incision could be done in any of the four ways available. They are
· Incision made below the breast where there is a fold
· Incision made near the arm pit
· Incision made in the belly button
· Incision made in the nipple

Each of it has its own benefits and limitations. Few of after effects include a infection, implant moving out of place, chest pain etc. but the instances are less than 5%. The rest 95% of women have not had any complaints and are glad, satisfied and excited with their newer look.

Recovery time is typically a week, but it would definitely take a month’s time before you are back to your normal work and routine. Have a honest and fair consultation with your surgeon beforehand make it crystal clear on what your expectation is. All the best for uncovering a new you!

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