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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recent data, more than 307,000 women undergo breast implants annually in America. The main reason behind the influx for breast augmentation is due to its potential to boost self-esteem and self-confidence. Women undergo breast augmentation for emotional and mental satisfaction through physical sculpting.

Women are driven into the procedure when they have breast sagginess, chest unevenness, changes due to pregnancy, changes due to weight loss, or because of mastectomy. Correcting these “poor looks” is aimed at making the women look and feel good inside. The women are more worried about what other people think about them, some comments about their poor looks really discourages and demotivates. They therefore settle for the cosmetic surgery to change how they look and ultimately make them feel good about themselves, and gain confidence. Today, the number one thing that employers look at is the outward appearance. To get the positions like customer service, marketing, and others, it is necessary that the person who represents the company does not have any features that may attract the customer’s attention, being “normal” keeps the customer concentrating on the main issue. Goods look by the representatives gives a good perspective of the business.

Some research results published by the Journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery revealed that surgery do change how a woman feels about her shape. The paper showed that women who have small or no breasts and sometimes very large breasts do experience more mental anguish and teasing from peers. This mental torture diminishes after the procedure, or is minimal after the augmentation process. The study further demonstrated that after breast augmentation, the recipients do get “very high” level of satisfaction. The women involved in the study confessed that the benefits of breast implants outweigh the risks.

Breast augmentations have become very popular. The procedures are high tech and nearly have no side effects. When done by an experienced surgeon, in the right environment and the updated equipment the results are perfect.

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