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Breast lift surgery is a procedure of removing excess fat and skin from the breasts that help in reshaping and tightening them. It is mostly preferred by women who feel that their breast shapes and youthfulness have been lost, maybe after breastfeeding, aging, severe weight loss of even as a hereditary factor. However, this Houston breast augmentation procedure could have its risks and complications although in rare cases. Some of these complications could be:


After the surgery, it is advisable to clean the wound thoroughly and take the prescribed medicine at the right time to avoid any infections.

Loss of sensation

Breast lift surgery can make one loose the sensitivity on the nipples which could be temporary or even permanent.

Shape irregularities

If the procedure is done by a non-experienced surgeon, it is possible that one of the breasts would be bigger than the other leading to the patient regretting doing the breast lift Houston.

Anesthesia risks

Some patients may take longer to recover from the effect of the drugs administered during the procedure than others. Some people get a lifetime effect from these drugs like forgetfulness and confusion.

Cardiac problems

Due to the use of so many drugs during the surgery, some people may suffer from heart and pulmonary problems so it is always advisable to check on the patient’s health background to avoid all the complications that could arise from such procedures.


Breast lift surgery may cause too much bleeding, hence weakening the body and can also lead to unconsciousness
Unsatisfactory surgery.

When a patient is not satisfied with the results they expected, they may consider going through the same procedure all over again. This is quite a risky procedure and takes some time to heal whereby it can cause health instability.

Having listed these points, it is clear that this procedure is good but only when done by a professional Houston cosmetic surgeon.

Disclaimer: *Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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