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Houston breast lift surgery may be used for several different reasons. It can correct breast size imbalances and improve a person’s body contour. After a breast lift, the patient often feels better about them and has higher self-esteem and more confidence. A Houston plastic surgeon often performs this procedure for a patient who has had children or experienced extreme weight loss.

Breast augmentation Houston is another procedure that helps develop the body contour so a woman’s shape looks better. Breast lifts are similar but they require no implants. There is plastic surgery before and after pictures that are perfect examples to see how a breast lift removes excess skin while reshaping and firming the breast area.

Diagram of breast lift surgery

If a woman is experience sagging breasts but is happy with their breast size, she can consider having a breast lift procedure done by a Houston plastic surgeon. If she has lost weight or had children a breast lift can be just the thing to give her the body she wants with firm breasts. This procedure generally takes two hours and is done by elevating the breast, relocating the nipple and areola, removing the lower breast’s excess skin, and finally reshape the remaining skin. If the woman chooses to use implants, they can be inserted during this procedure.

Patients are asked to reduce upper body activity for seven to ten days. The results of a breast lift lasts for 10 to 15 years. Although a Houston breast lift results in a permanent scar, it fades significantly over time. Due to the body’s new and better shape, women that have had this procedure done experience higher self-confidence in their body. Whether it is because of pregnancy, weight loss, or just from age, women can reverse the skin’s elasticity and firm up the breast area so they look better than they did when they were younger or before they had children.


The Houston plastic surgeons at Museum District Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform breast lift surgery for women that want a better self image. They offer Houston Makeover for Moms, which consists of different treatments specified for women that have gone through pregnancy and want to get back their pre-baby body, as well as breast augmentation Houston for women interested in more significant results.

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