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Breast lift or mastopexy is a common but complex breast enhancement cosmetic procedure that helps raise and reshape sagging breasts. Depending on the anatomical factors and needs of the patient, the doctor decides if the breast lift has to be done with or without insertion of breast implants.

It is important that you have your breast lift performed by an able and reputed cosmetic surgeon. On the first visit, be ready for the surgeon taking measurements of your breasts when you stand or are seated.

The doctor will discuss your desired shape and size of your breasts and where the nipple will be positioned after surgery. The surgeon will also thus inform you if you need breast implants Houston or breast reduction Houston for a satisfactory breast lift.

The procedure

Breast lifts Houston are performed under local or general anesthesia, in a hospital or office surgical suite. The procedure usually takes two to three and a half hours to complete, depending on the degree of lift you require.

The more lift your breasts require, the more extensive the incisions will be. In fact, people needing a significant lift are not fit for a periareolar incision, but require an ‘anchor incision’.

Here, the first incision is made around and extended above the areola to create a new position for the nipple. The second incision is vertical from the nipple, to the bottom of the breast. The third incision is on the breast’s underside, above the fold found under the breast. It is through the flaps created by these incisions that excess skin is removed.

Location of breast implants

Sometimes, the horizontal incision along the breast bottom is omitted so that there is one less scar after surgery. Women with smaller breasts and less droopiness may get a breast lift through concentric series of incisions without any vertical and horizontal incisions.

However if you require breast implants for a breast lift, they are usually placed immediately behind the breast, behind the breast and important chest area muscles or behind the Pectoralis Major muscle and breast, which is the most common breast implant location. It is your surgeon who will decide if you have to insert breast implants for a breast lift or not, and where they should be inserted.

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