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As a consequence of an accident, breast cancer or some deformity, some women have to undergo breast reconstruction because of a removed breast through mastectomy. With breast reconstruction, the breast is rebuilt to its actual size and shape. Breast reconstruction is however not required after lumpectomy, where only a part of the breast is removed.

Basically, a breast reconstruction Houston is performed to balance breasts while wearing a bra, helps you regain your breast shape and eliminates the need of using any external prosthesis inside the bra after mastectomy.

In most cases, your body image improves after breast reconstruction. However this may not always hold true, which is why it’s better to seek expert advice before you consider breast reconstruction to treat your condition. It’s better to undergo any surgery only after you thoroughly understand its procedure and consequence.

Surgery options you have

There are two types of breast reconstruction surgery you can consider after mastectomy; immediate and delayed breast reconstruction. In case of immediate breast reconstruction, it is done simultaneously with mastectomy. The advantage of this option is that the tissues don’t get damaged by radiation or scarring, and thus gives better final results.

In case of delayed breast reconstruction, rebuilding of the breast is started some time after mastectomy. This option is better for women who have to undergo radiation to their chest areas after mastectomy. It is not advisable to undergo radiation after breast reconstruction surgery as it only causes additional problems.

Your choice of whether to undergo breast reconstruction or not depends on various personal factors like your overall health, the stage of breast cancer you are in, the size of your natural breast, if you have sufficient body tissues to make flap grafts and the size of the implanted breast.

You will not get the same shape

Some women think twice about undergoing another surgery after undergoing a mastectomy while others are skeptic about undergoing breast reconstruction once diagnosed with cancer. Remember that scarring is evident with breast reconstruction, and sometimes, you may not be happy with its outcome. If you have breast cancer, the success of a breast reconstruction is affected by chemotherapy, smoking, radiation, alcohol, diabetes and some medications.

Lastly, remember that while breast reconstruction helps restore your breast shape, it will not have the same feeling as before. With these points in mind, you will be able to decide if you should and can have breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Dr Mark A. Schusterman World Renowned, Houston Plastic Surgeon & Cosmetic Surgeon specializes in a variety of breast reconstruction surgery techniques, including reconstruction using a woman’s own Tissue Flaps.

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