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Breast reconstruction Houston can mean a lot to a woman who has had a mastectomy. Many women can get back their feminine silhouette that gives them the confidence they need after this stressful time. There are different types of procedures a cosmetic surgeon can do. Breast implants and the TRAM flap are commonly chosen and each has its benefits.

Choose from Two Types of TRAM Flap Procedures

Women can choose the Traditional TRAM Flap or the Free TRAM Flap for their breast reconstructive surgery. Both of these procedures includes ending up with a tummy tuck due to having tissue removed from the abdominal area. With the Traditional method, the surgeon removes a section of lower abdomen skin to create a skin flap that stays connected to its original site and blood supply. The skin flap is tunneled under the chest wall skin to recreate the breast.

The Free TRAM Flap does not consist of any tunneling. A very small portion of the rectus abdominis muscle is removed and that skin flap is transplanted to the chest wall. While the lower blood vessels stay attached to the muscle, a surgeon reconnects them to the blood vessels under the arm. This procedure does have less complications but a skilled surgeon needs to perform a Free TRAM Flap.

Breast Reconstruction with Breast Implants

After a woman gets a mastectomy she has a lot to think about regarding her body. Breast reconstruction does not have to be decided as soon as she has had a mastectomy. Instead, she can take her time and decide which method is best. Some women choose to have breast implants for their reconstruction. This allows women to choose the size of her breasts and can help get their confidence back after their ordeal. Although breast implants can last for many years they are not permanent. Maintenance may be required in the future so it is something to think about if interested in breast implant surgery after a mastectomy.

The Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform mastectomy reconstruction to help women get back their femininity and self-esteem. They provide cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, such as Houston laser hair removal, tummy tuck, and breast implants Houston.

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