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Houston breast reconstruction after a mastectomy comes with multiple choices regarding the type of procedure you choose. It is not a decision to take lightly and speaking with a plastic surgeon can make it easier by having a better understanding about the different procedures and what is involved. Breast reconstruction using implants will be one of the choices that is proposed.

Inserting Breast Implants Now or Later?

One of the benefits to choosing breast reconstruction with implants is that the implants can be inserted during the mastectomy surgery so you only have to go through surgery once. If you have not made up your mind you can still choose to have the surgery done at a later time since it is greatly preferred that a woman feels completely comfortable with her final decision. If the skin on the chest wall is too tight the surgeon is likely to place a balloon-like tissue expander that gradually stretches the skin out to fit an implant. A saline solution will be injected every six to eight weeks until the skin is ready and the expander is swapped with the implant.

Choosing an Incision Site

If you have had a mastectomy and have decided that you would like implants with your breast reconstructive surgery the plastic surgeon will discuss the options you have on where you want the incision site to be. There are pros and cons to each that depend on each individual woman. Two of the most common incision sites women choose are around the nipple and within the fold under the breast. Since scarring is common after a mastectomy it may just be a personal preference that is the deciding factor.

Nipple reconstruction is also something to consider during your breast reconstruction process. It generally requires two to three months of recovery before nipple reconstruction surgery is even an option. After your breast implants are inserted you can decide if you are happy with the way your breast looks or if you would like to reconstruct your nipple using skin flaps and areola micro pigmentation.

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