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Breast reconstruction using implants is an option for women after they have had a mastectomy. It is possible to do the surgery at the same time as their mastectomy or at a later date. The timing of a woman’s breast reconstruction surgery is completely up to her and what she feels most comfortable with. Women who are interested in having breast reconstruction in Houston will find that they can use implants or tissue flaps in order to recreate their breast.

Breast Reconstruction Using Implants

After a mastectomy, it is reasonable for a woman to have a whole range of emotions. Some may decide not to have breast reconstructive surgery, but others may want to get back the feminine figure they once had. Breast reconstruction surgery with implants includes the surgeon inserting and inflatable tissue expander and gradually injecting it with a saline solution until it is at the desired size. It will take several weeks or months in order to create the look you want and depends on the cup size you wish to reach.

Breast Reconstruction using Tissue Flaps

Another option you have is breast reconstruction using tissue flaps. For this surgery, your plastic surgeon will remove tissue from another part of your body, commonly your lower abdomen area or back, to reconstruct your breast. Where the tissue is taken often depends on your body type and the size of the breast you want. This surgery is often better with those who have small to medium breasts.

You do not have to immediately decide if you want breast reconstruction surgery. You also do not have to know which option you want to choose. If you are not ready at the time of your mastectomy, you can choose to have breast augmentation Houston surgery at any time so there is no need to feel pressured.

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