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In a day when bigger seems to be considered better and Houston breast augmentation is all the rage, reducing breast size may seem to be out of mainstream thinking. Not so for the thousands of large breasted women who suffer neck, back, hip and knee pain as a result of their over endowment. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast reduction is one of the highest rated surgical procedures for patient satisfaction.

Besides resulting in a breast size that conforms better to body size, a breast reduction also produces a firmer breast. In many cases, women are able to engage in sports and other healthy exercise as a result of the surgery, whereas beforehand it was very uncomfortable to do so. For women with smaller builds in particular, their breasts were so out of proportion to their size, they caused a number of painful health problems. For this reason, most breast reduction surgeries are covered by health insurance when associated with a medical problem.

The procedure involves removing the excess breast tissue, fatty deposits and skin and reshaping the breast to a smaller, firmer and higher shape. The nipple and surrounding area is then proportioned accordingly and relocated. The procedure usually only requires three incisions which leaves scars that will ultimately become very faint. If deemed necessary, BodyTite liposuction in Houston may also be employed in order to reshape under the arm in accordance with the new breast size.

The size, shape and firmness of the breast can be impacted by a number of factors such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, extreme weight loss and post menopause when the breasts draw down. In addition, some women develop asymmetrical breasts during puberty which may also be exacerbated by any of the factors above. Any one or a combination of these situations can also impact health and well-being. In these circumstances a surgical procedure known as a breast lift Houston is a solution. A breast lift helps to bring body appearance back into balance.

The procedure is similar to a breast reduction in that the breast and nipple is reshaped and repositioned albeit without the removal of excess fat or tissue. Breast implants may also be inserted if desired by the patient in order to augment the breast. Usually completed within a two-hour timeframe, the only post-operative restriction is to refrain from upper body activity for a period of a week to ten days.

All surgical procedures present possible risk, therefore it is extremely important to choose a reputable plastic surgeon and engage in a comprehensive discussion about all aspects of the proposed surgery. Women have both the choice and the right to engage in whatever activity, surgical or non-surgical that will provide them with enhanced health, well-being and an esteemed sense of self.

Houston Plastic Surgeons of Museum District Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, TX is a leader in Houston breast reconstruction surgical procedures and breast lift for enhancing the appearance and well-being of women. Their world renowned founder is acclaimed for his microsurgical skills and knowledge of the human body. Additional information may be obtained at

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