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Houston breast reduction surgery helps women with overly large breasts to reshape and resize them to be better proportioned to the body, as well as reduce back pain and the usual nuisance they can cause with age. Over time, large breasts tend to sag and can get in the way of doing menial things such as reaching for a glass of water. Women who are thinking about breast reduction surgery need to speak with a reputable plastic surgeon in Houston to ensure they are doing it for the right reasons and will be happy with the results.

Know the Right Candidates for Breast Reductions

It does not mean a woman will benefit from breast reduction surgery just because she has large breasts. For some, it helps reduce back pain caused from the weight of the breasts. For others it is because they are not proportionate to their body size and it can be hard to find clothes that properly fit them. Breast reductions are sometimes covered by health insurance companies when they are getting the surgery done to reduce back pain. Women can expect to pay for the plastic surgery out of their own pocket if it is for any other reason.

A woman that is not sure if she wants smaller breasts should not opt for the surgery since it can cause emotional problems in the future if she does not like the results. Women that enjoy having large breasts but are unhappy with how they are sagging can elect to have a Houston breast lift instead of a breast reduction. Some women choose to have a breast reduction and breast lift performed at the same time.  Anyone that is considering breast reduction surgery can speak with a plastic surgeon in Houston to learn about the procedure, expected recovery time, and if the surgery can give them the results they want. A plastic surgeon will discuss all the options a patient has to choose from so they can select which best suits them.

The top-rated Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform breast reductions for women suffering from back pain or self-consciousness. Other procedures available include skin rejuvenations such as Houston Botox and laser hair removal.

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