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It’s a myth that having a big shaped breast is sexier. In practical it is quite embarrassing. The breast of a female ought to be rightly shaped and be in correct proportion to that of the body. When it is oversized it not only brings gracelessness but it also triggers discomforts in the neck, shoulder, and back. None of the dresses will suit and will look awkward in almost whatever where they choose. They become a laughing stock and it destroys the confidence level. Chances of these ladies getting into a mode of depression are also likely there. The reason for an oversized breast could be genetic or hormonal disturbances. Pregnancy and nursing also lead to this condition for a few women.

There is always a solution to this problem; one can opt for a breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery aims at removing the excess fat, glandular tissues in the bust and brings it back to its shape and feminine look.

The benefits of a breast reduction surgery are

· Ease out on the pain in the shoulder since the body frame was not able to support the big sized breast.
· Gives an elegant look and does not draw attention anymore. There are no more embarrassing situations and center of attraction. One can lead a peaceful life and no more nightmare of being amidst a crowd or visiting a place.
· Gives a feminine, attractive look.
· Emotional and physiological problems are reduced.
· Helps in leading a normal life since flexibility in the body has increased. As a normal woman one can jog, jump and workout.
· They can dress perfectly to the occasion and not that use to fit their bust.

We have seen some of the distinguished reasons why a woman with an oversized breast has to opt for a breast reduction surgery. If you are one of them, then what are you waiting for?

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