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Breast Implants & Enlargement

As breast augmentation (also referred to as breast implants) and other types of breast augmentation services are rapidly getting more attention, Dr. Schusterman guides women through the options and risks of both medical and cosmetic breast augmentation procedures. Dr. Schusterman is a board-certified plastic surgeon leading the team at the Texas Center for Breast & Body in breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and breast implant procedures in Houston, TX. Some women make a change for medical reasons, although the procedure is also common among women who wish to increase their breast size for cosmetic and self-confidence reasons.

At Texas Center for Breast & Body in Houston, TX, our patients give us high marks for the natural, comfortable results they achieve. They also appreciate our level of helpful and friendly service throughout the entire breast augmentation consultation, breast lift surgery, and recovery procedures. In addition to the practical information on breast augmentation below, you can read patient testimonials to learn about the personal experience of choosing Dr. Schusterman and the Texas Center for Breast and Body to help you achieve your body goals. If you’re interested in a private consultation, please contact our office to schedule a consultation for a more beautiful and confident you.

Breast Augmentation Houston, TX

What Is Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, medically known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to enhance the size and shape of women’s breasts with a saline or silicone gel implant. If you’ve ever heard the terms breast augmentation and breast implants used interchangeably, that’s not to cause confusion; it’s because both terms refer to the same procedure of inserting the implant behind each breast to increase the bust line by one or more bra cup sizes.

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Implants

The terms breast augmentation and breast implants can be used interchangeably. Breast augmentation is simply the name of the surgical procedure to place breast implants.

Types of Breast Implants

Not all breast implants are identical, so even if you’re confident that an augmentation procedure is right for you, you’ll need to learn a little more about which type of implant fits your goals best. While there is no right or wrong choice, each of the three types of FDA-approved breast implant—gummy bear form stable implants, silicone gel filled implants, and saline filled implants—have their own advantages to consider.

Gummy Bear

Gummy bear implants, named because they have the consistency of gummy bear candy are the most recent development of implant. They are cohesive and “form stable,” meaning they retain their shape over time and even if the shell breaks, the gel implant stays put.


Gel-filled breast implants are filled with a softer gel than the gummy bear type, but still cohesive for a safe shape with no leaking. They feel more “natural” than gummy bear implants, making them the implant of choice for most patients.


Saline-filled breast implants are filled at the time of the surgery with a liquid saline solution. They don’t feel as “natural” as gel and are more prone to ruptures. However, the advantage of the inflatable saline implant is they require the smallest incision of all implant types to insert the deflated shell before filling it to the desired size with saline.

Houston Breast Augmentation

Choosing the Right Size, Placement, and Incision Point for a Breast Implant

For a natural look and feel, you should consider several factors during your consultation to determine the ideal implant size for your overall build and shape. This can include the width of your chest, distance between breasts, the skin elasticity in the area (which can also be improved with a breast lift), and breast symmetry. During your Houston breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Schusterman will help you evaluate the best options for the incision site and implant placement based on your goals. The two most common incision sites are around the nipple (periareolar) or within the fold under the breast (inframammary). A periareolar incision may affect breastfeeding.

Breast Implants in Houston, TX

Using 3D Imaging to Plan Your Breast Augmentation

With the options you have for the size, placement, and incision sites, the Texas Center for Breast and Body understands that it can be stressful to commit to a procedure when you can only imagine the final results. Our team has taken the next step in breast augmentation surgery to take the guesswork out of your experience with a VECTRA 3D imaging simulation. This advanced computer program adapts a 3D photo of your torso to help you visualize the results of your chosen breast augmentation procedure and feel confident in the final results.

To see a few real-life breast augmentation results from our Houston patients, please visit our Before and After Breast Augmentation Photo Gallery before scheduling your own consultation for a virtual experience of what your new bust could look like.

The Submuscular Placement

The submuscular placement: The breast implant is placed behind the chest wall muscle (pectoral muscle). This placement looks and feels more natural because the implant is further away from the skin. It may require a longer surgery and recovery period, but typically results in less capsular contracture (scar tissue formation), and easier imaging of the breast with mammography.

The Subglandular Placement

A subglandular placement for the breast implant behind the breast tissue offers shorter surgery, less pain, and a faster recovery because only skin and fat are impacted. However, this placement may result in more obvious implants, more capsular contracture, and difficulty imaging the breast with mammography.

Risks Associated with Breast Augmentation Surgery

As with any operation, there are risks and specific complications that may be associated with breast augmentation surgery including scarring, infection, hematoma, and implant leakage or rupture. While most women do not experience these complications, you should discuss each of them with your plastic surgeon before committing to the procedure.

Patients should be aware that breast implants aren’t always permanent. They often require a future operation to remove and replace the original implant.

Planning Your Surgery

In your initial breast enhancement consultation, Dr. Schusterman will evaluate your health and suggest which surgical techniques are most appropriate based on your age, health, and the condition of your breasts If your breasts have simply lost elasticity and are beginning to sag, we may recommend a breast lift. Please let our office know if you smoke or if you’re taking any medications, vitamins, or other drugs that could affect the safest way to proceed. The method of inserting and positioning your implant, as well as the incision location will depend on your anatomy, but we make every effort to create a natural-looking final result with minimal scarring.

Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia so you’ll sleep through the entire operation. We’ll explain the type of anesthesia and the costs involved for the entire procedure. Because most insurance companies do not consider breast augmentation medically necessary, they generally do not cover the cost.

Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Please follow our personalized instructions on eating, drinking, smoking, and taking or avoiding certain vitamins and medications before surgery. You should also arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and to stay with you for a few days. Your breast implant surgery will be performed at the state-of-the-art Hermann Drive Surgical Hospital near our office, and usually takes one to two hours to complete. Stitches are used to close the incisions, which may also be taped for greater support. A gauze bandage may be applied over your breasts to help with healing.

Post-operative Care and Recovery

Typically, patients are discharged the same day of the surgery but will need someone to drive them home. You can expect to feel tired and sore for a few days following surgery, and you may also experience a burning sensation in the nipples for about two weeks. However, the brief discomfort isn’t enough to stop most patients from showering, going out, and doing other regular, safe post-op activities within a day. We will prescribe pain medication if needed and a surgical zip-front bra to minimize discomfort.

Immediately after surgery, your breast implants may appear higher than you wish due to post-surgical chest swelling but will drop into a natural placement after a few days. During the healing process, you may notice increased or decreased sensation in your nipples temporarily, but in most cases, you’ll retain your pre-augmentation sensitivity once the implants have settled into place and all swelling is gone. The absorbable sutures will dissolve in 60 to 90 days, and any swelling can take three to five weeks to resolve.

Getting Back to Normal

During your follow-up visit to the Texas Center for Breast & Body, we’ll evaluate your progress, address any concerns about shape, size, or discomfort, and check that the healing process is going well. At the follow-up visit, you will likely still have firm, pink scars, which will stay prominent for at least six weeks. This is normal, and they may remain the same size for several months or even appear to widen before finally beginning to fade. If you’d like to minimize scarring as much as possible, please consult with Dr. Schusterman and our medical staff about at-home moisturizers we recommend to calm redness and reduce scar visibility.

Most patients return to work within a few days, but please follow all instructions regarding the limited activities that can be resumed immediately following your breast augmentation and when to resume normal exercise and other activities. Strenuous exercise and direct contact or stimulation should be avoided for at least two to three weeks, as a general guide.

Can I have a Mammogram After Breast Implants?

It is still safe and highly recommended to get mammograms after your breast augmentation procedure has completely healed. Adult women over the age of 40 should continue to schedule routine mammograms, but always inform the mammogram technician that you’ve undergone breast augmentation. This will help him or her evaluate the results more accurately, take appropriate precautions while taking a reading, and check for any complications associated with your implants for early detection and treatment of health issues if needed.

If you’re interested in learning more or starting with a personal evaluation, please call the Texas Center for Breast & Body in Houston, TX to speak with our breast augmentation surgeon at (713) 794-0368 today.

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