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Why Gummy Bear Breast Implants for a Breast Augmentation in Houston?

The name might seem funny, but the term “gummy bear” is the ideal metaphor to picture in your mind when you imagine this type of cohesive silicone gel breast implant. Gummy bear implants have a density and feeling similar to the soft candy, combining the safety of saline implants with the aesthetics and unique feel of traditional silicone breast implants. For a woman exploring her breast enhancement options, this type of implant represents the most recent advancement in breast augmentation and reconstruction surgery, combining safety, aesthetics, and a natural feel.

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What Gives a Gummy Bear Implant Its Shape?

Gummy bear breast implants get their name because they are both soft and solid, like the candy of the same name, giving these implants a firm, viscous density. This is due to a more cohesive bond between the silicone molecules, when compared to other silicone implants, making gummy bear implants more stable (and less likely to rupture) than traditional silicone gel implants over the course of a decade. The solid cohesiveness means that even if an implant rupture occurred at some point after surgery, the gummy bear implants will be able to retain their form without leaking into the surrounding area.

Why Women Are Choosing Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

The relatively new gummy bear style has advantages over more traditional silicone and saline implants. One benefit is their naturally soft appearance and supple feel. Each implant is formed in an anatomically correct teardrop shape, with extra fullness at the bottom of the implant. Because the implants maintain their shape and taper at the edges, they blend well into the natural breast tissue that surrounds the area, avoiding the wrinkling or visible implant lines that sometimes occur with saline implants.

Women also have a choice of size and shape across a dozen different implant models, so it’s easy to choose a highly personalized look that matches your own physical frame and desired bust size.

Can Gummy Bear Implants Be Used in Any Augmentation Procedure?

For any woman who is a healthy candidate for a breast enhancement procedure, gummy bear implants are a safe and effective choice. They are suitable for Breast Augmentation and Breast Reconstruction procedures, as well as being used to replace a leaking silicone implant, deflated saline implant, or capsular contracture from an older procedure.

Choose the Right Breast Implant Type and Surgeon for You

Dr. Mark A. Schusterman in Houston, TX, is a renowned authority on breast augmentation and an experienced plastic surgeon using the newest generation of gummy bear breast implants. Dr. Schusterman has been practicing plastic surgery in Houston for nearly thirty years, earning an excellent reputation through his research and development of microsurgical reconstruction techniques. He has aided head, neck, and breast cancer patients at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, where he held the prestigious Charles M. McBride Professorship in Surgical Oncology. Dr. Schusterman and our entire Texas Center for Breast and Body medical staff will help you to feel comfortable and confident in your choice of breast implant when you schedule a consultation in our office.

Compare breast implant options for your breast enhancement procedure when you make a consultation at our plastic surgery center in Houston, TX by calling us at (713) 794-0368.

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