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Breast reconstruction Houston with tissue flaps is a procure where your Plastic surgeon Houston moves a flap of tissue from another part of your body to the chest region to create a new breast mound. This surgery is usually opted for as a treatment for breast cancer. Sometimes it is also used to refashion a breast for various reasons like trauma or abnormalities in the breast development.

One question that arises in most women who have breast cancer, and have to remove both their breasts, is if it possible to use tissue flap breast reconstruction to reconstruct both breasts or only one. The answer to this is that as long as there is sufficient tissue to donate and use for the reconstruction purposes, it is very much possible to carry out tissue flap breast reconstruction on both breasts.

Abdominal tissue is first preference

If both breasts have to be reconstructed, doctors prefer doing a bilateral tram flap where a tram flap is the transverse rectus abdominuous micutaneous flap that the doctor takes from the abdomen. This breast reconstruction option serves two purposes as not only are the breasts reconstructed, the removal of the abdominal tissue is similar to a typical tummy tuck Houston.

This method is opted for if the woman has sufficient fat or tissue to use in the abdominal wall. However if you are like most health conscious women, and don’t actually have sufficient fat in the abdominal wall, it will be difficult to get sufficient tissue material to reconstruct two breasts.

Best option if you don’t want to use breast implants Houston

In such cases, there are other options to consider for tissue flap breast reconstruction. Your doctor will use the latissimus muscle from the back or the gluteus muscle from your buttocks to do the job. In fact, doctors can take tissue from any part of your body that has excess tissue to use.

It is up to you to decide which part of your body you want to live with the ‘donor defect’. So if you have to have both your breasts removed, and don’t want to use implants, it is definitely possible to use breast reconstruction with tissue flaps to reconstruct both your breasts.

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