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Chemical peels have been around for what can seem like forever to us. What this can mostly tell you is that they continue to work and give patients the results they are looking for. Certain chemical peels can do certain things, but if you have uneven skin pigmentation, a Bellanage chemical peel is one of the best options out there.
More About a Bellanage Chemical Peel

If you have been recently looking into all the different chemical peels that are available today, no doubt have you found out about .Bellanage chemical peels. It is specifically designed to treat uneven pigment on the face. Since all skin types can use it, it has become a favorite for those who have melasma, hyperpigmentation, and mild texture problems.Those with darker skin will often find that laser treatments will not work as well on them, which is why they then opt for this type of chemical peel.

If you choose to have a Bellanage chemical peel, you will have three visits to your doctor or medical spa. During the first you will have the masque spread on your face, which can take 20 minutes. Once it is on, it must stay on for ten hours. You will be kept in a comfortable space and can discuss with your doctor what you can expect to do in that time. Once ten hours is complete, the masque will be taken off and additional, medical-grade skin care products will take its place and help with your recovery time.

The second visit is to check on your progress and the third and final visit will be to again see your progress and discuss your skincare regimen you will need to begin to maintain your results. Your doctor will tell you what you can expect between visits, such as peeling of the skin and skin sensitivity so you can be aware of the side effects and be prepared for them.

Bella Rosa is a top-rated Houston Med Spa that helps their patients look and feel younger with their chemical peels. Other treatments they offer include laser hair removal and Botox injections. Their professional staff offers custom treatments designed to meet their patients’ beauty needs in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

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