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Women always need bras with a perfect fitting. The need is even more important and necessary after breast augmentation as the bra’s style and fit can break or make the recovery. This is why it is important you give top priority to selecting a good bra after your boob job.

There are various reasons to use the right bra after surgery which include:

1. The recovery process of the surgery goes off much more smoothly with the right type of supportive bra. The right bra helps with the final shaping and avoids any appearance complications.

2. While most women who undergo a breast augmentation Houston don’t need to wear bras for comfort, comfort can become an issue because of the increased size and bulk of the breasts. In fact, comfort is a big issue after surgery.

3. The right bra after breast augmentation helps prevent rapid descent, which is the condition where the breast below the nipple is larger than the breast above the nipple line. While this gives a woman larger breasts and a more natural look, it makes the breasts look saggy and aged.

This is why the choice of the right bra can help avoid potential problems after breast augmentation. Here are some important points to consider choosing the right bra after your boob job:

· Right timing- Choose and wear a well-fitted bra on a regular basis about 2-3 weeks after your breast augmentation surgery.

· Wire fitting which falls exactly on the new breast crease.

· Look for bras with straps strong enough to hold breasts firmly and comfortably in place.

· Cup size is very important while selecting a bra after breast augmentation. It should be firm and designed to support the new breast, not too deep or shallow.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right bra after your surgery:

· Get help- It’s always a better idea to go to a good department store for an experienced saleswoman’s measurement and fit assistance as it helps get you a perfectly fitted bra.

· Push-up bras are a no-no as though they are flattering, they give an improper fit to the implant and can lead to breast deformities during the healing period.

· Check the bra with your surgeon- Take your new, fitted bras on your post surgical visits so that your doctor can check and okay the bra and its fit.

It is very important that you wear the right bra after your breast augmentation surgery as the right bra can help with the healing process, positioning of the implant and also increases the comfort level after the procedure.

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