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Cosmetic and plastic surgery are two very different things when health insurance is involved. Since the cost of surgery is more than many people have available, they turn to their health insurance policies to see if they can get any financial help from them. Knowing what your health insurance covers can save you a lot of time and money when trying to sort out your regular medical and prescription bills and the same can be applied for those who have gotten plastic or cosmetic surgery.


Cosmetic Surgery Costs

To health insurance companies, cosmetic surgery is not needed. Elective surgeries are done when it is to change something that looks and functions correctly and health insurance companies will not cover the cost for this type of surgery. A breast lift, lip enhancement, tummy tuck, and on some occasions, rhinoplasty all fall into this category. If you have cosmetic surgery and expect to get reimbursed after you file a claim with your health insurance company you will soon find out that you are the one that is financially responsible to pay your plastic surgeon. During your consultation with a plastic surgeon, discuss the cost of a cosmetic surgery procedure and what, if any, payment plan options they offer patients who will be paying out of their own pocket.


Plastic Surgery Costs

Plastic surgery is considered to be more for those who want reconstructive work done. The difference is a patient is experiencing pain due to genetics, car accident, or sports injury. In this case, a patient who broke their nose in a car accident and needs rhinoplasty will have the cost covered by health insurance. A mastectomy or breast reconstructive surgery is also covered. Obese patients may also get get their weight loss surgery or body lift covered if it is causing them pain. Patients must prove to their health insurance the pain or discomfort is effecting their well-being in order to get the cost of plastic surgery covered.


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