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The weeks following breast enlargement surgery are incredibly important.  Only by doing the proper preparation beforehand can a patient safely and comfortably recover from their breast augmentation surgery.  Everyone recovers a little bit differently, however, there are some standard tips which anyone can implement and benefit from.

Get Prepared for Your Surgery

Believe it or not, there are a variety of things you can do before your surgery takes place in order to significantly increase your comfort throughout the recovery process.

  • Set Reasonable Expectations – nothing is worse than completing the breast augmentation surgery and not being satisfied with the results.  Your natural body will greatly influence what your breasts look like following the procedure.
  • Choose the Right Size – it is not uncommon for women to wish they had chosen a bigger size.  Most women err on the side of caution when selecting how large they want their new breasts to be, which makes it easy to underestimate what they really want.  Easy ways to prepare for the surgery is by buying several larger bras, adding some padding, and wearing them under your clothes.  This will give you a more realistic idea of what size you really want.
  • Practice Sleeping Correctly – nothing is worse following your breast enlargement surgery than not being able to sleep.  For a week or two before the procedure, practice sleeping on your back or propped up on pillows because you will be forced to sleep like this for several days following your surgery.

Immediately Following the Procedure

Following a breast enlargement surgery, your body is going to be telling you that you need to rest.  This makes it difficult to do certain tasks and also means you may not closely listen to or remember everything your surgeon tells you.  Having someone at your side is essential.  They will also be able to fill your prescriptions if you were not able to do so prior to the surgery.

The Week Following Your Procedure

The total recovery time varies from patient to patient because their bodies react differently to the breast enlargement surgery.  While all of these tips include general time frames, you can always shorten or extend them as needed.

  • Keep Bags of Fruit or Crushed Ice in Your Freezer – following your procedure, you will need to constantly be applying something cold to your chest in order to minimize swelling.  A simple solution is buying four bags of frozen fruit so that you can use them interchangeably.  Try to stay away from frozen best tools because they tend not to smell very good as they thaw.  Crushed ice from your refrigerator and reusable ice packs work equally as well.
  • Stock Up on Entertainment – for a week or so following your breast enlargement surgery your body isn’t going to allow you to do much.  Having a good supply of books, videos, and magazines is an easy way to stay busy without having to move.  One thing to keep in mind is that you may want to avoid movies or books that make you laugh.  This is because laughing will cause your pectoral muscles to contract which can be extremely painful for the first few days.

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