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Cystic acne laser treatment in Houston provides those that are sick and tired of not being able to get rid of their acne with a real solution. Acne laser treatments can be done on various parts of the body – not just the face. Since acne can lead to scarring even if it is not the most severe case, it is important to keep the acne-causing bacteria off of the face. While acne generally starts in the adolescence, teenagers and adults are still commonly effected with this annoying facial feature.

No matter how old you are, acne can be an embarrassing thing to have that people notice right away. There are topical and systemic antibiotics available that some have used to fight acne but it may not always work for everyone. An acne laser treatment in a Houston MedSpa can be used to destroy the bacteria that causes acne. This treatment provides 80% clearance so patients can feel better about their appearance.

What to Expect During Acne Laser Treatments

Patients can expect to have eight Houston acne laser treatments over a one month period. This method sees results three times faster than what patients see when using creams. Each treatment only lasts for a few minutes so patients can quickly get back to what they need to do for the day. Temporary pinkness and swelling may develop after a treatment but these side effects only last a few hours to a couple of days. Doctors recommend using sunscreen on the face in between treatments. If the patient wants to make-up, they need to discuss this with their doctor. While it may be fine to wear make-up immediately after a treatment, the type of make-up may not be recommended by the doctor due to blocking pores or putting acne-causing bacteria back on the face.

For anyone who wants to finally get rid of acne, they can see a real difference by choosing an acne laser treatment at a professional Houston MedSpa. The comfortable procedure does not take long to do and patients can see a huge difference in one month. Patients can discuss the procedure in detail with their doctor to determine if they are a good candidate for acne laser treatments.

The Houston plastic surgeons at Bella Rosa MedSpa perform acne laser treatments for those with persistent and moderate acne. Other professional cosmetic surgery options include laser skin rejuvenation and laser tattoo removal.

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